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Welcome to Dr Herbalist: Columbia Heights’ Premier Cannabis Boutique

The Garden of Exceptional Flower Varieties

Stepping into Dr Herbalist is akin to entering a world where nature, tradition, and sophistication converge. As Columbia Heights' most esteemed cannabis dispensary, we take pride in providing our clientele with a diverse array of carefully curated, top-quality cannabis products. From unique flower strains to scrumptious edibles, convenient pre-rolls, state-of-the-art cartridges, and potent shatter wax, our mission is to elevate your cannabis journey with our premium offerings.

Just as an herbalist understands the nuanced properties of each plant in their garden, we at Dr Herbalist recognize the unique characteristics of each strain in our expansive collection. Our handpicked assortment of designer flowers offers something for every cannabis enthusiast, be it a soothing indica for relaxation, an invigorating sativa for creativity, or a balanced hybrid for overall wellness. We seek to provide you with the knowledge and options necessary to customize your cannabis experience and achieve the balance you desire in your everyday life.

The Culinary Corner: Scrumptious Edibles and Time-Saving Pre-rolls

The Apothecary: Innovative Cartridges and Shatter Wax

Imagine the fusion of culinary delights and the wellness benefits of cannabis — that's what you'll find in our range of delectable cannabis-infused edibles. Each piece, be it a decadent chocolate or a fruity gummy, encapsulates the essence of cannabis in a form that's both enjoyable and discreet.

In the spirit of convenience and quality, we offer perfectly crafted pre-rolls. Rolled with precision, these ready-to-enjoy products save you time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters - the transcendent experience that quality cannabis can provide.


Premium Cannabis

For those who wish to venture deeper into the world of cannabis, our collection of innovative cartridges and shatter wax is a treasure trove. Our cartridges are designed to deliver a rich vaporizing experience that unlocks the full potential of each strain, while our shatter wax, a concentrated form of cannabis, offers an immersive journey for those seeking a more profound exploration.

2 Free Pre-Rolls for First time orders, Call us to claim 202-559-6514

Experience quality cannabis products

Located in the vibrant heart of Columbia Heights, Dr Herbalist symbolizes the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. As a premier cannabis boutique, we believe in the holistic benefits of cannabis and the potential it has to enhance various aspects of regular life.

Our dedicated team, passionate about the world of cannabis, is always ready to assist and guide you through our extensive range. We strive to create an inclusive, educational environment where questions are welcome, and personalized advice is always on hand.

We invite you to join us at Dr Herbalist, where the richness of nature blends with the sophistication of modern cannabis consumption. Experience firsthand how our high-quality products can harmonize with your daily routines, providing relaxation, focus, pain relief, or creativity as you need it. Welcome to the remarkable world of cannabis, where your journey to holistic well-being begins.

Thanks for hooking me up with the deal . Always superb customer service and flowers at this place. see you guys next week … cheers!

Robert Shaw

Our Locations

Address: 1029 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington, DC 20003

Phone: 2025596514

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